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Participant Feedback Questions and Answers (1)

What was it like before you came to us ?

Things were not too good for us as a couple. I had decided that things were bad enough for me to split up. How was it for you to encourage your partner to come or did you decide together to attend ? Although we had parted we had spoke a lot on the phone and my partner knew how I was feeling. I mentioned this valentines weekend just the day before it was due to start and he was up for it not really knowing what he was letting himself into.

Were you sceptical before coming along ?
I was happy to be attending but was more concerned about my partner as he had never done anything like this before.

How was your experience at the workshop ?
The workshop was lovely, all that I could have wanted.

How safe did you feel at the workshop ?
I felt very safe. Quite a small group which felt right.

Did you get enough help with issues that came up ?
I felt able to communicate issues that came up for me and yes I felt heard and understood.

How did you find the level of intimacy in the room ?
The level of intimacy was very comfortable for me.

Did you feel your choices were respected ?
I didn’t feel the need to opt out of any of the exercises but I am sure that if I had that it would have been fine.

Did you feel you and your partner had enough privacy ?
I felt that we had enough privacy. It was lovely having our own little space and then a lovely bedroom too.

What was particularly useful or beneficial ?
The timing of the workshop was just about perfect to try and put things right between us and to try and open up some communication and intimacy.

How have things changed since the event?
Ian has tried to be more affectionate although it's still not enough for me. I feel that I do most of the initiating in love making and I am much more into this than he is. I'm just taking things a day at a time and trying to speak up more for myself in what I need from him. I don't find it easy but the workshop has helped me to feel more confident in asking for what I need

Marketing consultant

I really love your newsletter

Hi Priya and Bob
I really love your newsletter and the article "It's the Little Things....was a wonderful reminder for me. I can get so hooked on the "doing" and then forget about the "being" with myself and in my relationship with John.

Keep up the good work


Professional Endorsement: Priya & Bob support couples to work through blocks

I have known Priya for the last 4 years and have witnessed her work with couples in a way that opens them up to experience more love, more happiness, more trust. Bob and Priya work in ways that are highly helpful, opening, and will support couples to work through any blocks in their relationship that stop them from being blissful and happy. I highly recommend Bob and Priya's work. They live what they teach which adds integrity to what they offer. Time spent with Bob and Priya will certainly support any couple to explore what goes on for them.

MNFSH, - Director, Lead Teacher, Tantra4GayMen

Making time to love and be loved

(This was an article in Tony and Tricia’s newsletter)

We talk a lot about love don't we?

About how important it is and how precious and how it makes the world go round.

But how much time do we really take to create the space for love - some might even say - the sacred space for love - with our loved ones - our relationship partners?

Tricia and I have been together for 32 years - yes I know...that's a LOOOONG time...and this past weekend we took ourselves off on a brave journey to a workshop in Wales.
It was a workshop for couples who wanted to take time out to rediscover the love that can so easily get buried underneath layers of habit, complacency and everything else that can seemingly end up becoming more important than the two of you.

The experience was a gift - and although it seems a little vulnerable sharing this with you - I think it is really important to do so because I know that we are not alone in both the struggle and desire to keep our love fresh and our relationship alive - I believe it's what we all want - to love and be loved.......it's that simple. So if you want to make more time for love with your partner and maybe, like us, you might need some help to get started, I can thoroughly recommend finding out more about the work Priya and Bob do though their company - 'Intimacy Works'.

The first step is definitely a bit scary but you should know by now that most things worth doing are scary!!! Priya and Bob are brilliant at what they do and that makes ALL the difference in signing up for something this...well...intimate.

Tony & Tricia
Life Coaches

A good balance of group work and couple time

Thank you for an excellent day. We have been to many couple's events and it was by far the most valuable. You provided a safe place, the exercises were well structured and enabled us to go deeper gradually and there was a good balance of group and couple time that was very supportive.

R & J

As a result of the workshop we have since taken time......to let the love flow!

Priya and Bob are a perfect blend of openness, steadiness and forthrightness. Their heartfelt listening, allowed me to open up and relax when I joined one of their workshops with my wife.

I found particularly useful an exercise when my wife and I sat opposite each other and one of us asked a question the other one just listened. Questions such as "what do I do to prevent love flowing between us"? and "how do I keep love flowing between us"?, enabled me to open up and allow my love to flow to my gorgeous wife of 25yrs.......love that I had been holding back!

As a result of the workshop we have since taken time, to spend weekends together with the express purpose of reawakening intimacy and ......to let the love flow!

Tai Chi Teacher

Heart opening and mind-freeing

We had entered a sticky phase in our relationship and I must admit I was sceptical initially whether an intimacy workshop would be of any use to us. However the skill and honesty with which Priya and Bob led us through the weekend was remarkably heart opening and mind-freeing.

I was particularly impressed with both Bob and Priya's willingness to expose their own relationship challenges as working examples, using the processes they were advocating to come to a place of acceptance and loving support. This was an inspiration to us both.

We came away from the weekend feeling optimistic, well equipped to face inevitable disagreements and misunderstandings and perhaps, most importantly, an open hearted willingness to practice what we had been taught! Thank you!

Derek and Uli
Yoga Teacher/Consultant

Professional Endorsement: They excel in the area of conscious communication

Priya and Bob have a very natural and truly empathic style of listening and feeding back their insights to couples and individuals. They excel in the area of conscious communication, with genuine warmth, integrity, humour and heart.

Leora Lightwoman
Director, Facilitator, Diamond Light Tantra

THE BEST weekend of my marriage!

If I had the means I would attend every single thing you offer - seriously! I love the work you are doing and know how it has impacted me personally. The couples weekend in Wales was one of the best weekends of my marriage – no ...THE best of my marriage!

Mum and Childminder

Down to earth, warm, caring and respectful of boundaries

We felt very stuck and frustrated knowing that we loved each other but also not-(for many historical reasons in our respective backgrounds) able to show our love towards each other. This was hampered by problems in our ability to communicate on a very basic level.

We found you and Bob to be very down to earth people, warm, caring, respectful of boundaries but appropriately encouraging by challenging fears and helping both partners express themselves without either one feeling that you favour the other- or feel the other has a greater problem.

Patricia & Simon