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A Special Local and Mini Holiday….

Hello there adventuring couple!

Do you find that, in your busy lives as individuals and as a couple, it’s quite a challenge to make enjoyable time to be together? I’m not meaning chilling out time in front of the TV, although, of course, TV time together can be very nice, especially if there’s a snuggle included….

The kind of together time I’m talking about is more like what you may think of as holiday activities eg relaxed walking, exploring a new village or going to some kind of gallery or exhibition. We couples seem to find it hard to fit these rather more adventure’y things into our relationship unless we are on a proper holiday, which, as we know, needs loads of planning and not a small amount of money.

Personally, I love these kinds of activities, especially if life becomes too caught up in “work..tired..work..tired” mode. It can all too easily feel like there just isn’t enough to look forward to together.

Maybe it’s just me, being in touch with my inner child, we all have one :-), but I feel excited when Bob and I get in the car and go off and do something potentially fun and unknown. It doesn’t have to be major…it can be having breakfast out or a short walk in the woods. I truly miss those together type activities if we forget about consciously making them happen for us as a couple.

A few weeks ago, a lovely local hotel sent me an email with a really good “Dinner and B and B” offer….too good to resist. We booked in for last Thursday/Friday, both feeling excited that it was during the week when we “should” have been working!

Then I got the idea of creating a special Thursday/Friday “Pri and Bob happening” with the hotel overnight stay as the centrepiece and other activities around it…a two day mini holiday, within 30 miles of our home. As it got closer, it felt more and more special, just for us and I was really looking forward to this.

I’m very happy to share with you that it turned out to be, in my book (and Bob’s too.. yes!) a delightful two days, that went something like this:

Thursday morning: local cafe breakfast, followed by a muddy stroll in the woods, where the gulls were walking on water….ok, the lake was frozen.

Early afternoon: explore local village shops.
Late afternoon: tea out and then check into hotel….Mmmmmmm…..
Delicious dinner.

Breakfast in bed on Friday plus yummy, lazy morning.
Afternoon: off to a nearby town with character. It had a small, quaint natural history museum which was very enjoyable indeed.
Then local tea shop where we made a decision (over victoria sponge cake) to go and see a late afternoon film: “The Theory of Everything”…heart breaking and wonderful.
Finally….dinner out. Hmmm, seems like we did a lot of eating…..

We came home, with full hearts, feeling like we had done so much, been away for a week and had thoroughly enjoyed being with each other. AND we had created a great template for a mini holiday, which you may find works for you two….with your own adaptations, of course.

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Sending you love and fun for your relationship, till we are in touch next….
Priya and Bob x

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