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Learn Live Love

You may feel there are all sorts of problems going on for you as a couple and that, of course, is a real experience. However, usually, it’s DISCONNECTION at the heart of the troubles and it affects everything.

When you feel a loss of closeness and connection in your relationship, it can be painful and lonely.

Every little issue feels huge and troubled because of the anguish of feeling disconnected.

Within the safe, respectful environment of our various couples’ events, we help you revitalise your relationship via a Journey of Encounters with your partner.

Our emphasis is on you re- building connection and  intimacy through words, feelings and touch.

We call this a path of

Learning It…..Living It….. Loving It…….

It works and it’s fun!

Learn It … through encounter-based exercises which are live experiences involving your hearts, bodies and souls. This can be emotionally moving and deeply intimate in the widest sense of it’s meaning. Most of all, it enables a feeling of deep connection, sometimes for the first time to such a depth.

Live It …The exercises are extremely transportable into your everyday lives, so you can continue to Live It at home, generating natural loving connection and closeness.

Love It … which is what you will do when it’s flowing well, with wonderful results, creating even more positive change surprisingly quickly and will have you Loving It and each other even more….a perfect relationship nourishment cycle.

Is it for you?

Yours, and every relationship, needs regular attention and loving nurturing, just like a beautiful garden, which needs to be fed and cared for with love so it blooms happily.

Do you want your special relationship to bloom happily too?

All relationships benefit from increasing the love, intimacy and connection…even those doing pretty well.

Our approach offers you and your partner an encounter-based framework of emotional, physical and spiritual exercises to help you create and sustain the deep, loving relationship you would like…..and you deserve!

Can you recognise yourselves in these scenarios?

You are in a good relationship…new or mature, heterosexual or gay…and you want to make it deeper, fulfilling and more fun.

You feel something is missing, possibly the emotional intimacy (it faded away over time) and you really want to get it back.

You know you want to bring the heart and soul back into your relationship

Communication has become tricky; you misunderstanding each other and are not feeling heard. It’s so frustrating for you both.

There’s not much sex or intimacy going on, even though you love one another and get on well in general. You’re finding it so sad.

You badly want to inject more depth and passion into your life together.

Life is very busy, with little time to slow down and spend time with one another…and you really would like to create that time.

So….what next?

You may be familiar with workshops and groups and love the idea of attending one of ours

Couples Discovery Days

Residential Weekend Workshop

Or, if you feel a bit daunted by being in a couples’ group. You may prefer a private session with Priya.

Maybe you would be really up for a whole luxurious two days, tailor made just for yourselves alone, with a focus specifically on increasing your intimacy. Then, a Private Bespoke Retreat is the thing for you.

If you prefer to enhance your love on your own at home. Then,  Priya’s Re-ignite Your Love 6 week audio programme could be perfect for you.

If you are not sure what is the best next step for you, then feel free to contact Priya on 020 3151 2620 or priya@intimacyworks.com