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You Don’t Bring Me Flowers

Last night Bob and I watched a concert of old songs, the kind my Mum and Dad loved….it was wonderful. I was moved by so many of them. And I was moved by myself loving them so much. This one brought me to tears:

You don’t Bring Me Flowers

The words say it all: When a relationship no longer holds the magic it once did, when..

“….you couldn’t wait to love me….you’d hate to leave me…you don’t bring me flowers anymore”

Oh….these words are so meaningful, especially sung with such heart by Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond.

Some may find them smaltzy, cheesy….but these are the kinds of things that couples say to me in my private practice. They have lost each other, disconnect is happening and the pain can be searing.

But even more painful if we do nothing; if we hope it will get better…hope and wait, hope and wait….and the pain continues and life becomes numb….so very sad.

These situations are my life’s work and there are ways to help …really.  Many of us have been through something like this. It’s not crazy to feel this way or even a bit this way.

If you need help, call me on 020 8441 8038 or email me   You will be listened to with empathy.

I’m sending you and your relationship love

Priya xx


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