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My Bob and ADHD..


Hello again,Just a little word about my hubbie and a bit of a personal share.

The truth is Christmas has been really lovely and also rather hard as well. I have been in excruciating pain in my hip (don’t worry, am sorting it out) but standing and cooking was impossible, My lovely Bob came up trumps and got in the kitchen with my son and did a great job with the Christmas meal and Boxing Day food too, especially as we had guests both days.

Like all couples, life with us is often up and down particularly as Bob has something called ADHD, which gets talked about a lot in kids but adults can  have it too, many without even realising what it is.

It’s a brain disorder causing all sorts of mayhem like mood changes, inability to focus on tasks or plan things, big distractability and many more tricky aspects that can drive partners around the bend.And before you say, oh we all have those traits….yes we do, but not all of them, plus  loads more and in extreme degrees. By the way, there is help out there for this condition if you think it may be something affecting your life and relationship. I would be happy to talk to you about it.

So,I mainly wanted to share how great Bob is…..oh and that’s one of the features of ADHD….those afflicted are often the most caring, creative and loveable of people, which makes all the difficulties bearable….mostly:-)

That’s Bob…..

With love as always to you and your relationship
Priya xx
(this time, with Bob’s permission and gratefulness.)
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