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Sweet Talk Success!

Like many people engaged in planning and promoting workshops and events, a lot of time is taken up doing just that….planning and promoting like crazy. Be that as it may, it seems there is little time to share with you after the event…and this time, I’d like to do just that. We were a small, […] Read More


Are You Making Time For Connection and Intimacy?

This piece comes from my EBook. You can download the whole 22 pages by going to our homepage What I hear a lot from couples who feel disconnected from each other, are lots and lots of reasons why this is happening to them. And I usually say ‘the reasons are not the reasons’! They are the […] Read More


The Intimacy Bridge

I am so moved by how Bob and I can go from struggling to stay loving and connected…to being and feeling amazing together. I hope you are ok with me sharing this with you, it’s rather personal. And, I have a feeling it may be helpful to ALL of us who can get in this […] Read More


You’re Not Listening To Me!

Hello there! Welcome back to another piece on LOVING CONNECTION….this time on the theme of LISTENING. So many couples tell me about their communication difficulties and how they each feel not listened to by the other. So, the aspect of LOVING CONNECTION that I’d love to share with you, is all about REALLY LISTENING to […] Read More


Aspects of Loving Connection: Appreciating Each Other

LOVING CONNECTION is the absolute core concept of what this Intimacy Works journey is all about.  I’m honoured to have you join me in learning the many fun and exciting aspects of true connection, with yourself, with your family and friends and most of all….with the special other person in your life. With respect, may […] Read More

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Loving YOU in Your Relationship

Loving YOU in Your Relationship “You need to love yourself in order to love someone else”…Yes, we hear this a lot and it can sound a bit old hat. Well it is fundamentally true of course, in the sense that the more we feel content in our individual lives, then the more emotional space we have […] Read More


Conflict or Connection?

Conflict or Connection ? Do you find it’s all too easy to get into arguments, and the content of those arguments seems to be the most important thing on the planet at that moment? A couple talking about their arguing, said to me yesterday….”It’s a race that gets faster and faster”. I asked them what […] Read More


How Come We Never Seem to Get Together Properly

How Come We Never Seem To Get Together Properly? This is one of the big questions that couples come to us with. Here’s an example : A couple called Paula and Simon (not their real names) came to me recently, saying that they really get on well together!  (That’s a great start I thought).We laugh […] Read More


This frank article is aimed at those of you who tell us (or haven’t quite yet !) that what you’re missing most is loving sex and deep intimacy. If loving sex isn’t happening for you in your life or your relationship, you’re probably wondering how on earth avoiding sex can help you have better sex! […] Read More


How Do You Start Talking About Intimacy?

I often get calls from men who are looking for “more pleasure, more enjoyable sex, something more” in their relationships.  They might have heard a bit about the ancient art of Tantra, and think, “It’s all about having better sex.” They wonder if that’s what they need. Sometimes they think they have a problem that’s […] Read More